How to cook our Momos

Cooking Instruction:

  1. apply a little amount of the oil and spread it by using your hand on the inside and outside of the perforated part of steamer
  2. use baking paper (optional) [This helps to reduce the momo from breaking]
  3. Lay the momos in them without them touching each other (with some gap).
  4. Chicken Momo normally takes 15-20 mins to steam.
    Mutton Momo takes 20-25 mins. 
    Veg would take 10-12 mins max.
    Note: You will need to change the tier in 10-12 mins. (using 2 tiers helps over here to cook both the at the same time)
  5. You will know the momo is cooked from the colour of it and when you touch, it should not be sticky.

Overcooking will break them so you will need to be careful to check regularly.

The instructions provided are just an approximate estimation of time, the timing of cooking varies with the material of steamer.